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Kingswood  is a boutique real estate development company which over the last 20 years has successfully developed or built in excess of 575 homes across Canada. From the single-family subdivisions to development of multi-family residential projects, Kingswood  has the experience, knowledge and passion to deliver extraordinary home ownership.  Focusing on working with the best teams and with great emphasis on attention to detail provides for superior project results. Kingswood is proud to build quality homes which provide superior livability in Canadian neighbourhoods.

Building strong and lasting communities is important to Kingswood. By understanding community needs, embracing and meeting local concerns, being attentive to environmental sustainability and finding new ways to increase livabilty paves the way for a successful development and increasing neighbourhood harmony.  Working with award winning architects, designers, consultants and contractors, Kingswood continues to provide quality housing options while also realizing its passion and deep desire to be a premier boutique developer. Kingswood is committed to providing everyday homes to everyone.


Realtors are the backbone of the real estate industry.  Kingswood actively welcomes and encourages realtors across disciplines and locations to reach out to connect with us. We appreciate that Realtors work hard and we find ways to ensure trust and privacy exist to create long term winning relationships.

 If you are a Realtor, we would appreciate the opportunity to connect with you.  Click the button to reach out and connect.  One never knows where the conversation may lead to.
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At Kingswood, we believe that great things can be accomplished when working together with like minded individuals.  Having participated in joint venture and partnerships across many projects, Kingswood’s principals believe and have experience in reaching very successful outcomes with our partners.  Come join us and start the conversation on how Kingswood can work with you and your team on a successful venture together.


Vipul Pachchigar

My true love for this city has led me to return back to Vancouver after 12 years working in Finance in London, UK. As a CPA, CA, I have learnt to strategically think and apply this to the current Real Estate Market. I strive in challenging situations that forces me to think in a critical manner. Prior to founding Kingswood, I acquired international experience in a variety of organizations which led me to manage a portfolio of real estate projects from inception, finance, development and transfer to new homeowners. In recent years, I have broadened my horizon in venturing into operating businesses. I am always keen to talk with like-minded individuals, so if you have an idea that you would like to further discuss, get in touch.

Ketan Ladva

I am the quintessential intrepid entrepreneur.  I thrive on diversity of roles, opportunities and ways to serve.  With over 25 years of successful entrepreneurial experience in a variety of different industries and roles, my overarching skill sets stretch from marketing, legal, municipal process, product design, real estate development, construction and overall project management.As a conversationalist and keen adventurer in the human interaction, reach out to connect.  One never knows where the conversations may lead to . . .

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